Bullmastiff Puppy Headed to a Puppy Family Reunion in New Hampshire

This little Princess is joining 2 of her brothers (Rollo & Cullen) in New Hampshire.  She said her goodbyes to dad & mom and flies out today.

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This Puppy Loves Water!

It is always important to expose a young puppy to as much as possible while young.  While waiting for her forever home she went swimming in a nearby creek and found out she loves the water.  For more fun videos of puppy enjoying the outdoors visit my Facebook page at Ozark Bullmastiffs.

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Bullmastiff Fawn Female for Sale

Bullmastiffs are strong, powerful, but sensitive dogs. For a Bullmastiff to become a well-behaved family member, consistency is needed. Training and socialization is of high importance, as the breed can be independent.  During training, a Bullmastiff requires a special approach, because these dogs do not like to repeat the same actions again and again. Activities Bullmastiffs enjoy include obedience, agility, tracking, and carting. Dogs of this breed are natural guardians of their home and owners. No special guard training is needed for a Bullmastiff to react appropriately if its family is endangered.

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Lottie is growing up.

Lottie is from Bella & Homers litter December 13, 2015.  She has turned out to be a reverse Brindle.  Something you don’t see very often.

8 month old Lottie


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Bullmastiff Puppy moves close to Brother!

male 1

Packed and ready to go live with his forever family in New Hampshire close to his brother.

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For Sale Bullmastiff Female Pup

I am a female Bullmastiff puppy.  I am simply gorgeous!  I am a lovely blonde Fawn.   I love to play and am very curious. I am both confident and fearless.  I am a natural home guardian.  I will not bark a lot because I understand that silence is a virtue when in guard dog mode.

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Male Puppy for Sale

I am a male Bullmastiff puppy, Red Fawn in color.  I am laid back and handsome.  I have lots of wrinkles.   Please pick me to live with you.

I will love you, give you slobbery kisses, take you for long walks & cuddle with you no matter how big I get.

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