– How To Take The Perfect Puppy Photo

Once you’ve purchased one of our new puppies, you will want to take some photos to show off to your friends and families. We have put together this easy to follow instruction guide to make your experience a little easier.
# 1. Spend a least an hour brushing and grooming the new puppy.
# 2. Snip off price tage and place new collar around the puppies neck, discard tag in trash can.
# 3. Remove puppy from trash can and brush coffee grounds from fur.
# 4. Choose a suitable background for the photo and sit puppy in front of it.
# 5. Mount camera on tripod and manually focus.
# 6. Find puppy and yank dirty sock from mouth.
# 7. Place puppy in previous spot and retun to the camera.
# 8. Forget about selected spot and crawl after puppy.
# 9. Turn the autofocus switch to “on” so you can focus with one hand while fending off puppy with the other.
# 10. Get tissue and clean puppy nose print from camera lens.
# 11. Put cat outside and put peroxide on the puppies nose.
# 12. Try to get puppie’s attention by squeaking a toy over your head.
# 13. Replace eyeglasses and check camera for damage.
# 14. Grab puppy and run while yelling “No! Outside! Outside!.
# 15. Call significant other to clean up mess
# 16. Fix a drink. A strong one.

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2 Responses to – How To Take The Perfect Puppy Photo

  1. Annette Rutkoske says:

    Just too cute!! Nice new site

  2. andy says:

    brilliant absolutely fantastic
    only clicked on it out of curiosity
    my wife was ill laughing

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