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Ozark Bullmastiffs – Bonnie Rosemeck
Telephone:  1-870-895-4986

Cell Phone:   1-417-372-3512

A Message From Bonnie

I want to thank all my previous customers, who in many cases have become friends, for sharing with me all the updated pictures of my past litters.  I truly enjoy keeping in touch and seeing the updated pictures of Mr. & Mrs. Puppy as they are growing up.  These pictures always show me what good caring families my pups have found and how loved each and every pup is.  Besides pictures please feel free to email me videos too!  Be sure to check out the Gallery to view puppies and their families.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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1 Response to – Contact

  1. pam Kochuba says:

    Hi Bonnie – I looked up Ozark Bullmastiffs online as I saw that you bred a Bullmastiff that was recently entered in a show here in the northeast and I was not familiar with the Ozark name. I have been breeding, showing and judging (sweepstakes) Bullmastiffs for over 40 years and I do not recognize any of the names on your pedigrees … I am curious about the origins of the dogs you are breeding. Do you have access to the pedigrees three, four or five generations back on the adults you are breeding? There were very few Bullmastiffs when I became involved with the breed and it is interesting to see the pedigrees todays Bullmastiffs evolved from.

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