– Tidbits

Some Pro’s & Con’s

+ Makes a wonderful family pet
+ Versatile and intelligent
+ Excels as a guardian and watchdog
+ Adapts well to most climates
+ Does not require trimming

– Not a dog recommended for novice owners
– Requires sufficient daily physical activity and mental stimulation
– Obedience training is required due to his large size and strength
– Prone to cancer, hip dysphasia, tumors, eyelid problems, bloating and boils on the lips

A Few More Facts:

  • Bullmastiffs are alert dogs with a good-natured temperament.
  • They are smart, dependable, and devoted to their family.
  • Friendliness: While they are wary of strangers, they will accept anyone welcomed by his owner
  • Children: Can be very good with children when raised with them from puppy hood
  • Trainability: early obedience training is helpful
  • Independence: Enjoys human companionship
  • Decorum: Can get along with other pets if sufficiently socialized
  • Combativeness: Brave and can be protective
  • Noise: Saves his barks
  • Bullmastiffs are magnificent powerful, strong dogs, showing great endurance. An active, reliable dog whose waterproof coat protects him in all climates.

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