– Breed Characteristics

Lifespan: Under 10 years
Country of origin: Great Britain
Height: Males 63.5-68.5cm / 25-27in; Females 61-66cm / 24-26in
Weight: Males 49.5-59kg / 110-130lbs; Females 41-49.5kg / 90-110lbs
Coat: Short coat
Color: Any shade of brindle, fawn or red: color to be pure and clear
Markings: A white marking on the chest is permissible; other white markings are undesirable. Black muzzle is essential and dark markings around the eyes

The Bullmastiff is powerfully built showing great strength, but is not cumbersome. The head is broad and deep, with a large, square skull (that when measured in circumference, may be equal to the height of the dog at the shoulders) and with a pronounced stop. The nose is black, and broad with wide nostrils. The eyes are dark or hazel and of medium size, set apart the width of the muzzle. The small ears are V-shaped, set high and folded back; they are a deeper color than the body. The under jaw is broad; the canine teeth large and wide apart; and the other teeth are even and well placed. A short, straight back and wide chest is carried by the powerful, straight forelegs and muscular hind legs. The tail is set high and carried straight or curved. The weather-resistant coat is short and hard lying flat to the body.

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